Slapton Hill Barn

Blakesley Road, Northants, NN12 8QD

+44 (0)1327 860060

Slapton Hill Barn

Blakesley Road, Northants, NN12 8QD

Mon - Fri 9.00 - 17.30

+44 (0)1327 860060
Northern office:
01765 538938

Specialist Investigations

Specialist investigations are designed to cater for a variety of site conditions and developments

ListersGeo is experienced in providing bespoke investigations for a wide range of requirements including the following: 

  • Electricity Substations 
  • Basement Impact Surveys 
  • Dissolution Features 
  • Old Mine Workings  
  • IPPC Baseline Surveys  
  • Subsidence Investigations 
  • Slope Stability 
  • Contamination Incidents 
  • Fuel Tank Removal Validation 
  • Earthworks 
  • Highways 
  • Energy Pipelines 
  • Wind Farms 
  • Railway Works 

Our consulting engineers and site technicians are qualified to work as AO supervisors in electricity substations. 

Specialist Geo-consultancy services include: 

  • Expert Witness 
  • Due Diligence 
  • Forensic Soil Investigation 
  • Customised Helicopter Aerial Surveys  

Ground Investigations

Phase 1 Desk Studies

Phase 2 Contaminated Land & Groundwater Risk Assesments

Geotechnical Investigations

Geophysical Investigations

Specialist Investigations

Site Equipment

Remediation Strategies & Remediation Verification

Waste Soil Classification

Expert Witness Services